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  • 45 loans can cost you $30.00.
  • 85 credits costs $50.00.
  • 180 credit will cost you $99.00.
  • 300 credits costs $149.00.
  • 550 credit can cost you $250.00.
  • 1250 loans will set you back $499.00.


VeronikaLove.com is a Russian bride website. There are numerous, many online dating sites that appeal to Western guys trying meet and marry ladies from the Ukraine and from Russia. From your research and deep investigations we’ve never in fact encounter a Russian mail-order bride that we believed had been totally genuine. We give every web site that individuals examine the benefit of the question before investigating all of them and that is what we’re doing with Veronika Love. If you want to understand the fact in what’s happening using this internet site incase its a genuine location to connect to genuine ladies from Russia in addition to Ukraine please read on below.

How Come Western Guys Fall For The Excitement On These Russian Datiing Sites?

We will need to show the complete thought of Russian online dating services to us is beyond absurd. Anytime we visit these types of Russian mail-order bride sites, each and every time the women tend to be spectacular. Females which have a rating of 9 regarding 10. Exactly why is it that is Western men think that in some way they’ve good shot at sweeping all of them off their particular legs and ultimately marrying these breathtaking women. For some reason they’ve got this fantasy and proven fact that ladies out of this an element of the world are perishing in order to meet american guys to provide them a far better existence. .

Let’s be 100% sincere, if you are men in your 50s, you’re dropping your own hair and you’re overweight the thing that makes you might think that a hot-looking Russian blond is going to decrease everything in Moscow and proceed to america to reside in you in limited area in Iowa?

We’re merely providing you a pleasant huge fat dose of good sense (not to ever typical in many individuals) so you don’t get scammed plus don’t spend your time in all these different Russian online dating services.

A Vacant Profile

As part of the examination we joined VeronikaLove.com. We created a profile then signed to the people region. Among the situations we failed to perform wasn’t to publish any photos to the profile page so we didn’t submit all personal information. Might genuinely believe that since the profile is actually vacant after that there is no reason regarding ladies to get hold of you. What woman would waste their unique time delivering instantaneous messages and chat requests to a profile it doesn’t have any photographs with it? You would think that we might get not too many (or no) e-mails or chat messages. We certainly wouldn’t bother mailing any lady exactly who did not have a picture inside her profile.

(Screenshot your profile page utilized for this examination.)

But a strange thing, not thus peculiar occurred. For whatever reason it don’t matter our profile page ended up being without having any details or photos because email messages was available in at a really quick rate. The women emailing all of us weren’t only average-looking ladies, we were holding 9 regarding 10 product sort girls. The kind of ladies that you would consider 2 or three times and look right back at if perhaps you were strolling across the street past all of them. Every single feminine that delivered us a note was actually an entire knockout, remarkable beautiful females.

We’ve provided screenshots of some of the electronic mails we received which have the profile pictures from the women as well as the matter type of the e-mails. We need to consist of this as research revealing you how absurd this website is.

If you take a look at the very first mail information it’s from a female known as Victoria. We have now never ever talked to Victoria before but about the subject range it states “nice,I would like to be with you let us attempt? We’ve never emailed this feminine actually ever but she desires “is with our company” the reason why would a lady that is never chatted to united states “want as with our company”? physically we do not think these are generally genuine women messaging us, we believe the e-mails can be computer-generated emails or there is an individual who’s becoming paid to transmit all of us these messages. Normally not only standard women found in the Ukraine and Russia seated truth be told there typing love communications to all of us.

This after that e-mail is actually from a really appealing female known as Olga additionally the topic of her e-mail message is actually “my human body and my soul prevents once I view you!”. We’d to really laugh as of this one because like we have currently mentioned we never ever uploaded any images inside our profile how can the lady soul prevent when she sees our account photo when we you shouldn’t have a photo in profile! This can be a slap in the face of those who have sound judgment, its beyond dumb just how fake all this is.

The following electronic mails from a blond named Ivanna composing united states telling united states “you have to swim, so take clothes down and jump in.”. Once more we never ever talked to Ivanna before but for some reason she’s speaking about taking off her garments and leaping in. It’ doesn’t make a lot sense. Exactly what does make sense is the fact that when you try to look at the actual message  not only the niche line you are immediately  asked buying credit on the website. Could it be that the web site is sending all of us computer-generated emails to deceive us into buying credit?

a brown-haired girl labeled as Nelia claims “when I watched you anything happened certainly to me strange and very pleasant”. Once more we should instead reiterate the fact that the matchmaking profile our company is utilizing with this investigation doesn’t always have any images in it! Exactly how exactly could Nelia have observed the profile when there is nothing observe? again we’re only wanting to prove to you simply just how absurd and fake these emails are. We ought to stress we believe the reason why these email messages appear how they do would be to attract ignorant depressed american guys into thinking these women should build a relationship together with them. However in order so that you could build a relationship you should be able to keep in touch with these females. The only method to correspond with all of them is through buying credit on the website!

Chat Messages Keep Showing Up On The Display

Chat messages hold popping up on our screen. Possible read among talk communications which was sent to you although we were logged onto the site. Whenever you click on “start talk today” unfortunately you can’t begin talking except if you order credits. If you consider the image of this woman called Anna she seems like a model. The reason why would she walk out her option to begin a chat with a person who does not have an image in the profile? It does not make any sense. Nevertheless makes perfect sense as soon as you realize you have to pay money to have a chat with her. Do not see a place in purchasing loans observe a hot appearing lady whom you can’t ever fulfill personally. That is not the point of joining VeronikaLove.com. This is exactly one of the many chat information we got.

(Screen shot of just one of the talk emails we was given.)

Adverse Product Reviews From Any VeronikaLove People

Below we have now included screenshots from critiques that individuals found online. These critiques offers even a better comprehension of how many other individuals think and feel about VeronikaLove.

One overview gave Veronika adore a 1 from 5 status.. This customer claims he “communicated for several several months with several ladies”. This guy also took a trip to the Ukraine and neither these ladies met him.This is an activity we have now come upon often reading online critiques from these different Russian mail-order bride sites. Guys spending thousands of bucks getting loans talking to these different females as well as buying airline tickets to meet them. Whenever they hop out the airplane in the Ukraine or Russia there’s absolutely no lady there to meet up with all of them at the airport!  They’ve merely become scammed regarding 1000s of dollars and then in addition even squandered more money and time traveling halfway across the world only to know that it absolutely was all a lie to begin with.

(Screenshot of an assessment from aggravated web individual.)

This second reviewer states that “every one of these Russian dating sites are complete frauds”. He states “it does not matter if you are using VictoriyaClub.com, LadaDate,com, Jump4Love.com, etc you always need to pay to transmit notes to women or pay to chat they all are scams. All of them are frauds! The women are compensated to speak with you! They will reveal they love you they they would like to wed you anything to help keep you sucked in. Their unique lies are weakened nonetheless they all play the con really.” In conclusion these type of internet sites are designed on sucking you in and conning you into buying increasingly more loans.

(Screenshot of an assessment from annoyed web user.)

This last reviewer claims that “in the last three months he’s got spent about $3,000 on the site and lots of excursions to Ukrainian urban centers”. Not only provides the guy wasted money but lots of time nicely only to end up being disappointed ultimately. Once again this is exactly a really common issue, you throw away cash just in case you fall hard adequate you really purchase airline tickets to meet up these women that never ever actually been around to start with!

(Screenshot of an evaluation from upset web user.)

Do You Really Really Feel You Can Satisfy All Ladies In Person?

Below we have included a screenshot showing you many female people on Veronika appreciation. Simply take a detailed consider those females and tell me if you see any which happen to be ugly. Every lady on her behalf looks like a model. Truly the only time we ever see this lots of breathtaking females is found on phony online dating sites plus in porn films.

(Screenshot of feminine people that we think tend to be artificial users.)


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Actually we do not trust VeronikaLove.com.that which we’ve seen with this own sight in addition to the reviews we study from web users who have been duped on this website we might never ever suggest by using this web site to anyone.

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