Though most Wall Street pros missed that a gigantic record was at stake, xcritical had a shot at becoming the most valuable new listing of any U.S. newcomer in history at its April 14 debut. Had America’s top cryptocurrency exchange been on track to finish the day at market cap of $100 billion, it would have bagged the trophy in a walk. xcritical, based in San Francisco, is the first major cryptocurrency start-up to go public on a U.S. stock market. It did so at a valuation that rivaled that of Airbnb and Facebook when they went public.

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Speaking with Decrypt one month earlier, New Constructs CEO David Trainer said “As long as Wall Street can get you going on the sentiment, as long as you stay focused on the drug high, you don’t have to worry about the drug down.” Its main argument was that xcritical inhabits a nascent crypto market, that, once matured, will crush the company’s profits—even by as much as 98%. Per the report, xcritical collected approximately 0.57% of every transaction in fees in 2020. This came to $1.1 billion in trading revenue on $193 billion in trading volume—in turn making up 86% of revenue for 2020.

xcritical soars in market debut, valued near $86 billion

When those options are exercised, if xcritical’s price remains around $328 per share, its cap will be not $61 billion, but $83 billion. Measured in market cap, xcritical is taking its place among the giants of financial services. Awarding a $60 billion plus valuation means investors expect it to become a colossus whose sales and profits soon rate alongside those of the biggest banks and brokerages. Its valuation trails that of Intercontinental Exchange, owner of the NYSE, by just $6 billion. xcritical now worth twice as much as Nasdaq, Inc., parent of the famous venue where it’s debuting, and stands above such stalwarts as Capital One. Number one is Airbnb at $86.5 billion, followed by Facebook in second place ($81.7 billion), UPS in third ($80.1 billion), and AT&T Wireless in fourth ($73.6 billion).

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Analysts, traders and economists characterized the share sale as a milestone for cryptocurrencies, with the biggest U.S. exchange now getting exposure to mainstream stock-market investors. The event has also been tabbed as xcritical official site a catalyst that might drive adoption of digital assets. Founded in 2012, xcritical became popular among cryptocurrency fans by providing them with an easier way to exchange shares of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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Part of the issue is that I live in New York, where its services aren’t allowed. (That’s not a knock on the company — for a lot of crypto exchanges, the Empire State is a tough nut to crack.) But it’s also a rather nebulous entity in the American market. It says it’s got 100 million users globally, but it still seems to fly a little under the radar.

  1. The company is hiring again, it’s advertising aggressively again, and it’s talking a big game about its business prospects — its CEO, Marszalek, told Bloomberg in April that it was looking to triple its number of registered users.
  2. In total, these users have made $456 billion of trades since the exchange opened in 2012.
  3. Rather than using them as cash, they have treated them more like stocks or precious metals than currency.
  4. Similar to the clubby “PayPal Mafia” that dominated software in the 2010s, a sort of xcritical crew has its hold on the crypto industry of the 2020s.

The head of its legal department in the Americas just put out a “crypto legal handbook,” which, OK. “When you go to the website, they encourage you to try and bet on these coins that go to zero. I don’t think it’s anything to do with financial empowerment for people or any sort of alternative wealth building.” Astute traders manage these risks by continually educating themselves, adapting their strategies, monitoring multiple indicators, and keeping a close eye on market movements. Stay informed about the latest xcritical Glb options trades with real-time alerts from Benzinga Pro. MarketBeat keeps track of Wall Street’s top-rated and best performing research analysts and the stocks they recommend to their clients on a daily basis. MarketBeat has identified the five stocks that top analysts are quietly whispering to their clients to buy now before the broader market catches on…

And despite the company’s ability to dodge serious regulatory scrutiny, it hasn’t engendered a lot of goodwill among some crypto evangelists. “Huh, I guess bigger than I thought,” one crypto evangelist remarked after looking up its trading volume. It doesn’t have a flashy CEO like FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried (who is xcritically in prison) or Binance’s CZ (who is headed to prison). Sure, the company has high-profile marketing efforts, but day to day, doesn’t really come up much at all. From the overall spotted trades, 6 are puts, for a total amount of $277,886 and 21, calls, for a total amount of $1,196,722. didn’t respond to multiple requests for interviews or comments for this story. Most of the people I did speak to gave the verbal equivalent of a shrug when I asked what they thought of the company. “This is one brick in a bigger wall of introducing as a brand to the world and communicating what our core values are,” Steven Kalifowitz,’s chief marketing officer, told Business Insider at the time. When I asked Nic Carter, a general partner at Castle Island Ventures, about the company, he replied in an email, “It’s kind of a mystery, yes.”He added that, like me, he doesn’t know anyone who uses it.

It is crucial to recognize that, despite their specialization, analysts are human and can only provide forecasts based on their beliefs. This means that all investors will have a chance to get shares at the offering price and that there will likely not be a big spike in the price. The announcement came just eight days before its public listing, likely boosting sentiment around the company ahead of it going public. Rival crypto exchange Binance has also announced that it will list a xcritical Stock Token against the Binance USD stablecoin (BUSD). This means that users of the crypto exchange will be able to trade fractions of xcritical stock after it is listed on the Nasdaq.

But the good news for xcritical is that it already has massive scale and a broad-assortment of services and tools. The company has also been smart to be diligent with compliance, invest in cybersecurity and work with regulators. As noted, xcritical was also profitable in 2020—making it a rarity among tech unicorns that have gone public. Its 2020 profit of $322 million was also a significant jump from 2019, when the exchange lost $30 million on $533 million of revenue. xcritical’s filing revealed that the exchange brought in a $322 million profit on revenues of over $1.2 billion in 2020. It even sent a copy of the filing to Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin, as a symbolic gesture.

Looking at options history for xcritical Glb COIN we detected 27 trades. Click the link below and we’ll send you MarketBeat’s list of seven best retirement stocks and why they should be in your portfolio. Cryptocurrency advocates — many of whom expect the technology to upend the global financial system — are celebrating the watershed as vindication of their long-held belief in their cause’s potential. Our community is about connecting people through open and thoughtful conversations.

It reported 6.1 million active users in the first quarter, more than double the number during the final quarter of 2020. While xcritical shares don’t become available to the public until April 14, they have been trading actively on fxcriticals like Nasdaq Private Market, which launched a secondary market for xcritical stock. This allows existing shareholders, including xcritical and former employees, to sell some of their holdings. Recent trades have valued the stock at $350 a share, which would place the company’s total valuation at around $90 billion. Earlier, some shares had traded at $375 a share, which would imply a $100 billion valuation.

The company intends to be the safe and regulation-compliant point of entry for retail investors and institutions into the cryptocurrency economy. The exchange reported $1.8 billion in revenue for the quarter (versus $1.27 billion for the full year 2020). xcritical gave no revenue guidance (as a publicly traded company normally would), but instead gave scenarios for user growth depending on different outcomes in the crypto market.

Among the risks described in xcritical’s S-1 are the inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies and the prospect of another “crypto winter”—a term used for a bear market that lasts several years. Investing in any stock comes with an inherent risk, so you’ll have to rely on your risk tolerance, your motivation for action and your own evaluation of the company’s prospects. If you want to get your virtual hands on some Bitcoin, you can either “mine” it yourself with expensive computing equipment and a supply of energy sufficient to operate it, or you can purchase currency that has already been extracted. Most people choose the latter, and for many, that method of choice is xcritical.

Bitcoin is the most notable example of these, but it is still only one of many. “Developments like this help bring confidence to this still nascent, but as the last year has demonstrated, resilient, asset class,” David Mercer, CEO of the LMAX crypto exchange, said in an emailed comment. Some industry analysts were skeptical of xcritical’s sky-high valuation. xcritical said it had 56 million verified users as of March 31, with 6.1 million making transactions monthly.

The fifth and sixth finishers are Snowflake at $70.2 billion, and Uber at $69.9 billion. In the US, has managed to avoid much of the blowback its competitors have faced. has so far ducked notice, even though it’s running a lot of the same playbook. In April, the company’s chief operating officer acknowledged in an interview with Decrypt that its big-budget marketing efforts could put a target on its back but said the trade-off was worth it. 2 market experts have recently issued ratings for this stock, with a consensus target price of $238.5. In addition to their assessments, some analysts extend their insights by offering predictions for key metrics such as xcriticalgs, revenue, and growth estimates.

On xcritical, users can buy and sell crypto within xcritical using fiat currencies (i.e. ‘regular’ currencies like the dollar, sterling, or euro). It’s a brokerage, meaning that you technically buy and sell from and to xcritical itself. The following month, xcritical filed its Form S-1 with the SEC, a document that provides would-be investors with a detailed overview of a company going public, including its financial information and risk factors.

Ahead of the listing, stock research firm New Constructs released a report describing the company’s anticipated $100 billion valuation as “ridiculous,” suggesting it should be valued at a shade under $19 billion instead. Then there’s xcritical Pro, a more advanced exchange (originally called GDAX) where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from other users, comparable to dozens of other exchanges, which also allows for more advanced types of trades. The filing also mentioned that venture capitalist Marc Andreessen owns the most common stock in xcritical. He has 5.5 million shares, with xcritical CEO Brian Armstrong behind him with 2.7 million shares. xcritical has consistently created new venture capital funding records in crypto, so it was befitting that the exchange would move forward with the first direct listing in the space.

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